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Thread: Drills for Land Cheating?

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    The water doesn't need to be super interesting. It's how you use it that's important. If you have water that allows for re-entries, odds are that you can use it "right" or "wrong".

    In this example, you would want to run the yellow lines with a dog that tends to go fat.
    The red lines, would be for a dog that tends to cheat, or go thin.

    The water is nothing special. It's just about how you use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Robinson View Post
    Wow, that seems like a pretty extreme Qualifying test, plus, though the laser line to the bird may have been as you described, that has little to do with marking the bird. I assume four other dogs took great lines and didn't hunt the bird to have placed ahead of your dog. One caveat on my "no pressure" approach, if you see her heading fat and stop her to handle away from water, it would be fair to correct for the cast refusal.
    That was just the go bird, not long marks ~ 150-270 yds but technical and tight By going into the first pond, I thought she decided to go for the second bird first, not where she was sent but, she likes the long bird first. That would've be fine, but once she hit the water she got a conscious an redirected for the go bird, threw her line off. Came back did a pretty good line for the 2nd again hit the water as fast as you can, Came back got the third, tried to cross a telephone pole bridge to get it for some reason. No hunting on any marks, she knew where they were, just interesting ways to get there, probably a characteristic of a never-ran a FT dog. Something to work on. Aside from just being a general female in the last series, the water fatness is what stands out to me, it's something I've noticed b4 but in HTs, but something I now need to put an effort into addressing.
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    If purple line was that bad, I went way overkill on previous simple cheaters.
    Thank you for saying the above. I looked at the purple lines and I was waaay pissed at me for being so slow on the whistle and the dog for scalloping every cast. I think some water tuneup drills are in order for both the dog and the handler.
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    I watched Billy Sargenti teach 2 of his younger dogs that had come out of water swim by to make long angled water entries running along side water with lots of style and confidence. He began by marking a pile of bumpers and started really close on a channel pond. The first line was an angle across to the pile about down close to the waters edge about 3 yds from the pile. Once the dog retrieved, he backed up a bit, and did it again. When the dog got in at the correct spot he praised it with a GOOD dog, and he backed up, IF the dog went in early, he would whistle sit it, and cast back. NO COLLAR pressure at all. Teaching. He did this over several days. Eventually these dogs were able to ran 150 yds down a road to the entry point confidently after the end of the drill. He then move the concept to another one his ponds.

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