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Thread: Training With Non-Hunting Dogs Around

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    Ditto on what Gauge123 said. I have a house full of do-gooders doing bad, it will set you back. I think you will have to kennel up the husky during early training, but later it can become an asset in teaching honoring. If it has its obdience down enough and can return a basic retrieve I would put it work, helping you train.

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    I have 4 dogs, all house dogs, and, at one time, was training all 4 in obedience. But not at the same time!

    The dogs (dog) you are not training goes in the house or is otherwise confined. Otherwise, your training sessions, more often than not, will be a fiasco. IF you get to the point that one or both will STAY, you can have the dog with the solid stay nearby as a distraction. Usually, it will be more of a distraction for you (constantly checking to see if the dog is staying) than the dog you are trying to train.
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    I have 4 dogs-2 labs, and 2 Jack Russells. The little dogs have different rules than the big dogs, and everyone knows which rules to follow (for instance, the big dogs are not allowed on the furniture).

    It is a chore to have the little dogs out when the big dogs are working. The little dogs love to retrieve, too, but their rules state if they don't get there first they can chase the big dog, bite them and steal the bumper. So, they don't come along much for training. Hard to come straight back from a retrieve when you have 17 lbs of snarling teeth latched onto your hock, or to get out of the water without the also bringing in a little dog with it's teeth dug into your bumper. Distraction is fine, and we work places there is distraction. It seems to me unfair to make the big dogs try to challenge their "pack order" while training. I don't understand why the big dogs haven't just kicked the little dogs' butts, but they never do. Non-family dogs are a different story, and the big dogs are fine training or hunting in groups.
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    We have two small yappers as well, both completely untrained. That said - I never train my dog at home, home is the expectation of behavior but not the training ground for it.

    It's important for many reasons you train a different places all the time, even if for 15/20 minutes. Park, neighbors yard, parking lot, wherever.
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