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Thread: Judging Information GDG

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    Default Judging Information GDG

    Had the pleasure of Judging the Amateur this past weekend at Rockwall in TX. Would like to thank the good folks of RR retriever club for a very good weekend and a special thank you to all of the workers and contestants who worked hard to ensure we had a great weekend. I am a note taker and here are some notes I thought I would share:

    1. Got introduced to an app for I-phone and I-pad called geomeasure. It allows you to measure distance on marks, etc., without needing a range finder, thanks Gary and Linda!

    2. Speaking of Gary dunno if you all know this the guy can run a shotgun like no ones business!!!

    3. Weather folks are the only people who can be wrong 80% of the time and still have a job!

    4. Dogs will be dogs.

    5. Had a great time judging/learning, gaining ideas from my co-judge Bobby Farmer! Bobby is a great guy and knows dogs and people. We had a great time judging, in fact we figured out that we are probably the AKC tag team Champions of the Judging world

    6. Dallas traffic stinks!!

    Thanks again to the Rockwall folks for a great weekend!


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    Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Weather folks are... well they are personable.
    so how does that geothing work?
    thought you field trial judges let the gallery do the rangefindin'!
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