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Thread: New Pup /sad pedigree

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    Quote Originally Posted by AriseKillEat View Post
    Just got a pup a black female. Ive been out of the training game for around 12 years. Shes only 12 wks and retrieving good. So far the worst thing about her is her pedigree. Theirs only 2 titles in 5 generations, and that was from the first generation. Any chance I can title this dog?
    When I read this, a couple different dogs came to mind that have excelled way past what their ancestors had achieved. As long as the pup is healthy, your willing to put in the time and or money, the sky is the limit on how far you and pup can go. There is absolutely nothing saying you have boundries that you can't pass or accomplishments you can achieve. Enjoy the pup and good luck to the both of you.

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    It's not the papers, It's the character. I've seen dog after dog get washed out that has solid gold papers, I've seen diamonds come out of nothing. Everyone loves an under-dog story, I hope she goes out and gives them hell. Good Skill and a bit of Luck to you and your new pup.

    From someone whose first dog, was trained by me. A BYB, left-over, 16wk old, penny-saver pup, listed for $400, discounted to $300. Bought as a meat dog, who has nothing in her pedigree for 4-5 generations. Who I've somehow managed to title MH HRCH MHR, jammed he first Qual, and hunted extensively every season, is OFA excellent, never had a health issue and is clear on everything. It has truly been a great adventure, be sure to enjoy yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow machine View Post
    Sorry for rustling feathers.
    In some states "rustling" is a hanging offence while ruffling is a minor infraction.

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    You can title a dog even with "bad" pedigrees... As long as it is smart and has drive and the proper training... certainly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick lids View Post
    health clearances?
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    When looking for a good broke horse the saying is "you can't ride the papers". They help but aren't the only answer. Good luck!

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    My first MH had one WC (Working Certificate) in the past three generations. Look at it as a challenge of your training abilities!
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    My "nothing" dog as he has been called by some because of lack of titles up front on bitch line is a Master Hunter, ran the 2012 Master National. a UKC GRCH in the show ring, UKC Hunting Retriever and has a dock diving title. So yea you can. Sometimes I think people get caught up in titles. Like someone said earlier, all dogs started somewhere. You just may have the next great trial dog No matter what though she'll be great in your eyes and that's all that really matters. Post lots of pics and most of all have fun!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    In some states "rustling" is a hanging offence while ruffling is a minor infraction.
    Now that is funny Doc.
    I have learned I need these dogs much more than they need me. Tim Bockmon

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