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Thread: Mouth Issue

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    Default Mouth Issue

    I took Bella, 12wk old female to the vet for her 3rd round of boosters and noticed her lower lips and were soaked with saliva. She was also whining alot on the ride. The vet said she looked very healthy and he thought it was probably excitement. That was 2 days ago and she' s still salivating like crazy, soaking the carpet, or anything else she lays her head on. I have notice when I let her out of the kennel in the morning she scratches at her lower lips and chin. She acts and looks normal other than the scratching. Her appetite has not changed, no swelling to be seen. I have looked her over for stings and bites and can find nothing lodged in her mouth. But it does seem to be bothering her. Other than drinking a little more, nothing has changed. Any help?


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    Not a vet and sounds like you should consider calling the vet office to chat about it.

    That said, the heavy salivating is something that nervous dogs do. Sometimes it can be incredibly heavy salivating - like where you need a towel to mop up.

    Maybe you haven't taken the pup on car rides except to the vet? This was her third trip to the vet and now she knows to expect a stressful office and a poke in the back. The vaccination area may be sore for 2 or 3 days, so she keeps salivating from the soreness???? Scratching at the chin and mouth could be from having wet slimey skin and hair around the mouth for 2 days.

    But you should at least call the vet office and see what they say.
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