IM SICK ! Pup Broke Leg (Prayers Please)
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Thread: IM SICK ! Pup Broke Leg (Prayers Please)

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    Default IM SICK ! Pup Broke Leg (Prayers Please)

    My now 14 week old BLF, and myself got some bad news, and a set back we wasn't looking for today !

    After a great training session yesterday we came home, and while I was unloading truck, she and my 7 year old male was playing in yard, I had walked over with lease to get her up to kennel her, she jumped up at my male and he stepped forward, and she missed him falling on her side, and screamed out like I have never heard ! She actually only feel from about knee high, but I couldn't believe how hard she hit !

    I immeditaley scooped her up and headed 4 mins away to the vet, he palpated and said everything seemed fine, possible a strain or sprain, and to bring her back today if she didn't improve ! After a long sleepless night, we were right back at vet when they opened this morning. I seen the head vet this morning, and they took x rays, and found a possible fracture ! Off to the specialist with a refferal we went ! After several x rays, and a nervous day the news came back that we was afraid of ! Specialist said she has a fracture of the growth plate on her front leg, left side, at the elbow! Said it appears after several x-rays to be fractured into 2 pieaces, and that scenerio is much better than a growth plate that is shatterd into a bunch of pieaces, were there unable to put back together.

    Of course the questions started from me ! Will she every get to hunt? Will she ever get to hunt test ? Will she ever be more than a pet ? The Orthopedic Specialist could give me no gaurantees, but did say this was the most common fracture he sees, and 9 out of 10 pups make a full or close to full recovery if everything goes as planned, and We keep her recovery time good, and careful, and rehab good ! He did say there is a good possibilty of early on-set othritis (Spelling??) But this of course is small compared to the near future !

    Have any of you had anything like this happen ? What's ya'lls opinion on outcome ? any tips ?
    I am so sick to my stomach ! She was doing so good, has great natural ability, and is just a wonderful pup to be around, can't belive how attached I have gotten to her in such a short time !

    She goes under the knife in the morning, and is at the specialist staying tonight, Please keep Little Josie in your thoughts, and I am praying the Specialist has a steady hand !

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone !

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    I don't have any experience with what has happened to your pup, but I will say there is nothing more painful than to see a little one get hurt. It can happen so quick and easily also.Keep you chin up.
    Please know we will send prayers along for Josie and a full happy recovery.


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    So sorry to hear of your troubles. Love her no matter what.
    Especially what Gooser said.
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    Here is a story that I hope brings you some relief!

    A couple of years ago I donated the nicest pup in my litter to a search and rescue handler that needed a new partner. About a week after he got his new pup home, and admiring visitor dropped the pup and he broke his front leg. The break description was very similar to yours, at the growth plate. Anyway, it sounded like bad news from their vet who told them that even with surgery the puppy might grow un-evenly due to the break location, so the future career for Digger was up in the air and the new owner's were worried sick. They did the surgery anyway, and after quite a while in a cast, he was all healed up- now the question was if it would be okay as he grew.

    That puppy is 2.5 years old now and there were no issues as he grew- turned out to be a magnificent dog and is perfectly sound. He is now a validated search and rescue dog at the Fernie ski resort and works HARD every day, running up and down the mountain, and no pain or problems at all. We suspect that there will likely be arthritis in his elbow that will give him grief once he's older but he's fine now and loving every minute of life.

    I hope the outcome is as good for your puppy, and it sounds like your vet is confident and experienced so she is in good hands- try not to worry too much!!!
    Erin Lynes
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    I just got a terrible feeling in my stomach reading about Josie. I know the scream - absolutely blood curdling.

    My old guy (13 years ) snapped his right front leg in half at 14 months playing with the other dogs. Near as I can figure he slid into a 4x4 post on wooden steps and the leg went thru the step because it had no backing and he flipped over the step and snapped the leg. Vet said dogs don't break their leg there and I said x-ray it because I put the bones back in place! Long night and longer weekend, surgery on Monday ( happened on Friday @11 PM ). University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital put him back together - 6" s/s plate, six screws, 8 weeks of crate rest and $3000 later he recovered just fine. He's pretty healthy at 13 years and 3 months. Has a good bit of arthritis and limps but he ran two Seasoned HRC tests last fall after a 5 year layoff and passed both doing a good job along the way. He's UH HRCH Windrush's Blaze Orange CD CGC MH.

    Josie should have a long, happy and successful life with a dad that cares as much as you do! Prayers and get well soon wishes sent!
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    We have been there with our first dog. Our young pup squirmed out of my arms and over my shoulder so anxious was he to get going outside. Suddenly all hopes and dreams seemed to be dashed when he tumbled upside down to the tile floor.

    Well several operations over the course of the next two and half years and he was good to go. He had three operations to put him together with a fracture to his shoulder bone the first two with the late Ben Schmidt of Victoria, BC and the last with Barcley Slocum of Eugene,Oregon. He became a field champion by three and half ran the Canadian national and was a finalist at 9 years of age.

    So you have a good pup showing talent and he will become a great dog when you train him up after he recovers from the operation. You need to read the dog training books, watch the videos and then lay lay out a training regime that will be flexible to the young dogs development. Make daily notes of his progress and regression in his training. The regression will be because you may want to make up for lost time by skipping some of the basic fundation training, don't there are no short cuts.

    Familarize yourself so thoroughly with the good training regime of the best pros by thoroughly studying their writings or reviewing their videos. Get yourself to the point that you have confidence in yourself of having a solid understanding of the road forwardbecuase you know the material front to back and you can nearly quote chapter and verse. All this time you can then critically think of what and why they do what they do.

    You don't need anyone's prayers, you do need to use this experience to motivate yourself and then make good use of your time.

    Good luck, better you make your own good luck.
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    I have nursed two dogs thru broken legs - one a pup close to yours in age (leaped off back side of deck) and the other a 2 yr old (hit by car and dumped at shelter). Both had serious fractures that required plates, pins and screws. Both recovered well and lead full lives with lots of activity (one does a lot of upland hunting) - so think positive! And BTW, both these did their confinement in a tall x-pen vs. a crate, so they did not get quite so stir crazy. They got lots of raw bones and Nylabones to entertain them. Good luck - hopefully your pup will be just fine.

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