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Thread: Bale Blind

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    Default Bale Blind

    Has anyone ever used a bale blind from this company? I am looking at the waterfowl special. Seems it might prove to be a challenge to relocate, but not sure.

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    DANG! That thing looks real! Never used one, but looks cool.
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    Use the collapsible type on occasion but they are a bit big for windy conditions. These look great unless you are mobile like most of us.
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    Those things just look like a pain. I guess if you were leaving it as a semi-permanent blind then it wouldn't be bad, but i would absolutely hate to move something like that every time you hunt.

    On second thought...wouldn't that be a hell of a place for a gunner to retire to in a field full of bales?
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    A simple pop up blind shaped and colored like a round bale would be great, I have been looking for one and this is the best I have found so far

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    I have used hay bale blinds several times in Canada on guide hunts for older hunters or hunters that could not function in lay outs. The main thing is that they hide movement which is the main issue with clients. Hunters just cannot avoid the temptation to be looking all around. The ameristep is easy and quick to set up and less $ also but the one on the OP looks great especially if it is not going to be moved much.
    For waterfowl, the ameristep type is good because the whole top and front open for a wider shooting lane.
    Remember, this was in Canada where there are lots of birds and they are many times easier to hunt than in the U.S.A.
    For hiding wingers or bird boys, either would be good IMO.
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