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Thread: Retriever not retrieving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunt'EmUp View Post
    14 wks and she'll chase a bumper, let her chase the bumper, don't worry about the return yet, let her chase those bumpers as far as she will chase them. Work on here etc. without the bumpers , soon it'll all come together. Chasing is marking, marking is good, going out on her own is good. Retrieve will come later, you can start with hallway retrieves, to get her to bring it back, but you might want to use something softer and lighter than a bumper. Plastic bumpers can be heavy for a pup, they can also hurt their teeth, you don't want a bumper to be associated with painful mouth. If all she's doing is running to the bumper and not picking it up, your good, now when they start picking it up and running off (15-16 weeks) a rope is your friend , I'd get HERE trained and enforced before that happens .
    Again Very GOOD advice......
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    Place training also helps. Get a floor matt and a 2'x2' piece of wood and make a small platform. Then use treats to train the dog to "here", "kennel" and "sit" on the platform. If you leave it in the same spot in the yard after a couple days the pup will automatically run and sit on it to wait for you. Now is the time to toss one bumper out, when he runs out and grabs that one tap on the place board with another bumper and call "here".

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    Quote Originally Posted by achiro View Post
    Heh, at 14 weeks I'm not sure that anything is a "command", more of a request. Use a rope on the pup, throw the bumper, let pup run to it, when she gets to it tell her "here", "good girl", etc, be very animated, slowly pull her back to you, giver her the chance to pick up the bumper of course but don't worry too much if she drops it, just give a bit of slack if she tries to go back to it to let her pick it up again, no worries if she doesnt pick it up though, then keep pulling her back to you, stay animated, praise her a ton when she gets back to you with or without the bumper. Repeat once or twice but no more. She will figure out that if she wants the bumper that she will need to pick it up and hold it all the way back to you. Enforcement comes later.
    Great information! Thank you everyone!

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    Im going throught the same thing. She has great drive but her return is minimal. stay patient and keep it fun.

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