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Thread: Happy 57th birthday SAGEHENS RETRIEVER CLUB

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    Default Happy 57th birthday SAGEHENS RETRIEVER CLUB

    On March 6, 1956 a small group of ladies active in field trials in No. California filed their Articles and By Laws with the state of California to become a recognized nonprofit corporation known as the Sagehens Retriever Club. As years past by, more and more ladies from all over the nation joined the club making it a "national" retriever organization solely of women.

    The original founding ladies are now gone, but what they started 57 years ago as an all women's retriever club thrives to this day. Today the Hens hold two field trials and one hunt test a year. Today 1/3 of the members live all over the country. They support this long-lived all female organization and are proud to be a Hen.

    Happy Birthday, fellow Hens! I could not let the entire month of March go by without saluting you for keeping alive the many traditions started by the little group of founding Hens who met 57 years ago to create Sagehens. They are looking down upon you and smiling.

    Helen Graves, Treasurer
    Sagehens Retriever Club

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    Happy Birthday Sagehens. I knew and trained with some of the founding ladies when I lived in northern CA.
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    That is neat! I hope they have a big Hen party for their 60th!!!

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    Who were the founding mothers? Harry
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    See ya in the field. HPW

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    Happy Birthday Hens!

    I hope what they started 57 years ago never dies and retrievers are retrieving at a Sagehen trial long after everyone reading this is but a memory.
    Howard Niemi

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    Absolutely awesome
    Happy happy 57

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    Sagehens has a long storied history and used to be the unofficial start of the west coast FT season, back in the 70's when the hotbed of FT training was centered around Rex Carr and Escalon Calif, the fields were a virtual who's who of retriever history....Happy Birthday to Sagehens and All the members past and present...Well done Ladies, you have done the sport proud
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