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Thread: I might be nit pickin a bit, but it pissed me off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseGooser View Post
    Cesar Chavez's Birthday falls every year on March 31. Easter (The most Holy of days) DOESNT!!

    It was Purely a matter of disrespect...

    They ,,Google,, gave tribute to a man Idolised, almost God Like, by the socialist left. Ignoring the SON OF GOD"S rebirth to save us from sin, a man the left would like to see removed from our soiciety as a whole..

    Google has done tributes to Christmas,, the Pilgramage to Mecca,, usually in a Non secular way, but none the less,,a tribute..

    Its Ironic a tribute to Christmas,, by Google,, but Christmas would be MEANINGLESS without Christ Dying on the cross from OPPRESSION OF PEOPLE, giving mankind a WAY to be given forgiveness of our sins.. They (Google) miss the whole point..

    Like I said Chavez's Birthday falls every year on March 31,,, Easter,,, Does NOT!!

    A non Secular tribute would be fine with me.. A Tulip sprouting in a yard of new SPRING Lawn, would have been fine.. Signifies ,,Spring( Rebirth)


    You wont change it,,, Ever,, If you dis-agree with it,, Thats fine,,but I will pray for you..
    Thank you Gooser. Prayers for me and mine are always welcomed and aprreciated. I will do the same for you.

    I have learned I need these dogs much more than they need me. Tim Bockmon

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    Quote Originally Posted by MooseGooser View Post

    They ,,Google,, gave tribute to a man Idolised, almost God Like, by the socialist left. Ignoring the SON OF GOD"S rebirth to save us from sin, a man the left would like to see removed from our soiciety as a whole..
    Paint with a broad brush much? You really believe that all or most lefties want to remove Jesus from our society as a whole? Really? I know that RK agrees with you. Totally unfair. I suppose you want to be associated with the looniest on the right, correct? Because we know that all righties are the same.

    Jesus said:

    The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed.
    Personally, I believe that Jesus would approve of the work that Chavez did.
    He dedicated his time and his talent to fighting on behalf the poor, ensuring that farm workers had better conditions and liveable pay. Facing a situation that might have deserved violence, he lived the Christ-like mantra of peaceful revolution, using his words instead of his fists. It amazes me to see Christians show such contempt for a guy who dedicated his life to helping the poor. Maybe he would have been worthy if say he helped preserve tax loopholes for the wealthiest among us, you know, the "job creators."

    Personally, I don't need Google's "blessing" in order to validate my faith and beliefs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    kinda makes sence to me as Dec 25 is a retail holiday and google is all about the $$$$$
    and for long before that is was a pagan solstice holiday. Made the birthday of Jesus by the early Church to cover over the Solstice holiday, rope in the pagans, and give good reason to "spruce" up the dank, smelly, mid winter homes of the time.
    After all, Jesus was born in late April - early May.
    dang those pesky Roman census takers. They counted everyone when?????
    Good post. History really gets interesting when you start reading about the things that people/governments/churches tried to cover up. I guess I should add schools to that list because they won't change things that they are teaching even when they are wrong and know it. And some textbook authors shouldn't be writing text books.

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