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Thread: cold tail

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    Quote Originally Posted by grnhd View Post
    I bet I'm not the only one wondering....what is cold tail?
    You'll know it if your dog gets it. You will think thye broke their tail. Swollen, hard to sit down, and they cannot get comfortable. Basically it is a very sore muscle at the base of the tail. It does go away by itself after about a week.
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    This is a question for EDA. My guy got cold tail a number of years ago and it took a very long time to heal. After it healed his attitude was very poor, but unfortuneatly I didn't make the conection to the cold tail so this went on for some time and things were just getting worse. So finally I took him to a vet/chrio and the first thing she asked was had he injured his tail or had cold tail and of course I was absolutley surprised that I hadn't made the concection, Chrio told me it had gone up into his pelvis. So my question is if boswelia can help with the cold tail is it possible it could help with the problem he is having with his pelvis?

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    The cold water may have a little to do with it but my english pointers used to get it and they never got in the water. If they got damp and cold after alot of hard running/work they would sometimes get it. Rest and keep them warm and dry seemed to recover pretty quick.

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