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Thread: Swamp Dog Open / Amat results

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    Default Swamp Dog Open / Amat results

    Open - Don Driggers / Mitch Patterson

    1) FC/AFC High Tech CEO O-Ed/Linda Haskins H - E. Forry
    2) FC/AFC Sally's Power Drive O-Jenny Grasse H-E. Forry
    3) Rebel Ridge Maxximum Mojo O/H Lyn Yelton / Jeff Lyons
    4) FC Harmony's Hey You Harry O - Kent Sweezy H -J. Sweezy
    RJ - FC/AFC Pee Dee Quick O/H Lasal Banty
    Jams - AFC Susquehanna Drift Netter O/H Richard Barnes
    - FC/AFC Rammin Hot Chili O/H Randy Bohn
    - DC/AFC Sunday's Rufwater Canvasback MH O/H K.Erikson/Scott Martin (Scott)
    - Hessy's Ace of Spades O-Neil Robson H- C. Hoffman

    Amateur - Rick Van Bergen / Bart Clark

    1) FC/AFC Pleasant River Blue Wing CD MH O/H Charlie Hayden
    2) FC/AFC Rammin Hot Chili O/H Randy Bohn
    3) AFC South Bay's New York Titan O/H Gerard Troha
    4) Yellowjacket's Jet Stream O/H Nancy Sills
    RJ - FC/AFC high Tech CEO O/H Ed Haskins
    Jams - AFC/CFC/CAFC Big Blue's Distant Thunder O/H Lasal Banty
    - Nordais Double Cross O/H Eric Nikolaus
    - Distagon's ATV Of Nordais O/H Bruce Mitchell

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    Thanks! Any Q results?

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    1. Milly Welsh
    2. Missy Lemoi
    3. Milly Welsh
    4. David Jensen
    R.Jam. ?
    Jams-David Jensen, Kristen Hoffman, ?...
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    Congrats to all, Randy, Rufsea, SouthBay, Eric, Bruce, and Scott. And to Missy and Hawkeye for QAA. What a great weekend!! Had a ball y'all!
    John Baitinger

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