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Thread: Anyone use a GoPro Camera...

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    Quote Originally Posted by plhsurfer View Post
    This is one that I made myself from the packaging and a strap that I had laying around.
    I will say that the mount between the shoulders is not the way to go with a dog swimming, constant side to side rocking motion.

    Attachment 12221

    Probably give the "Sugar Mount" a try next.
    I've got the "sugar mount" I am almost positive that he doesn't use that mount in his video. Or if he did, it's a different kind of camera. I've tightened mine extremely tight and it still slides around under the dog's chin. I did get some video by setting the camera to record upside down as they instruct. But it's hardly the dog's eye view that we are striving for. Chest harnes deal also slides under because of the camera weight. Did get a comical clip with it hanging off the side of my dog while he hunted a cripple in heavy cover. I've tried modifications to the harness and used with and without a neoprene vest and never got it to work. Pain in the butt to adjust too so your dog and you better be patient!

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    Duct tape?

    I believe it was Aubrey Lacrosse that recorded the upland on her curly coat
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    Quote Originally Posted by red devil View Post
    Duct tape?

    I believe it was Aubrey Lacrosse that recorded the upland on her curly coat
    What does she go by on RTF? I tried doing a couple of searches and can't find that post. It was by far the best dog's eye view I have seen.
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    I would like to see more pics of what has been tried

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckme View Post
    I would like to see more pics of what has been tried
    I'd like to see more pics as well. Thanks.
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    Here is the upland hunt everyone is talking about.

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    I used a gopro last weekend during a hrc hunt test. I used a chesty to record the water series from my perspective. It was good to watch my dog run so I could review what we need to work on in training sessions in the future.

    when I save up some more money I would like to mount on to the dog and one to myself. According to gopro if you use the wifi remote you can operate multiple cameras at the same time. I think it could be a good training aid to help understand what the dog is seeing while training in addition to what im seeing at the same time.

    Has anyone else used the two camera set up to review your training sessions? If so can you provide any tips?

    Oh, my guy got his firstseasoned pass so it is cool to be able to pay back the

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    You dont need to mount the gopro to the dog.
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    Here is the link for the past thread. Enjoy!
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    This seems like it would be a good option, but it looks like it's currently unavailable.....I'm thinking of getting a goPro soon.!the-vesty/c1lgf
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