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Thread: Anyone use a GoPro Camera...

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    Think Blair Witch Project. Beginning of every movie requires a warnin you may get motion sickness from viewing. In a small clip as part of a better movie they are cool but overall the are horrible to watch. I saw a video of one put on time lapse and put on a crab pot. That was probably the only one I've ever watched for more than 30 seconds. Moving video with all the shaking and bouncing is tough to take for me. I won't watch it. My folks made a movie once while driving around Maui the same year they got the first compact Sony VHS. I rate every go pro in the same catagory.

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    The gopro mount on a quadcopter is gyroscope stabilized just like the helicopter video on the news.
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    HI, just getting my first post underway! anyway I recently used a go pro for my lab and used the chest mount and just like everyone was sayin..its side to side action which is tough to watch. Next time I'll be doing the filming...will capture the retrieve better

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    This was setup on a tripod. I slowed the video down to 1/8th speed if I remember correctly.
    You can watch on youtube and adjust video to 1080p

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