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Thread: Triple using a wipeout flyer with two retired guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by blake_mhoona View Post
    what does the word wipeout mean in this instance? still catching up on the lingo but just curious as to if it means what i think it does?

    in my mind i guess i'm thinking its a really short (in comparison to other marks) flyer to make the dog forget about long marks
    you got it I will just add that it's usually in front of other marks
    Gavin B.

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    I doubt if you will see this test in a National. I can't remember ever see one as a matter of fact, but I could be wrong. WOF are usually used when the test's other two marks might not be big enough, or the grounds are not good enough, or the field is really strong, or a combination of them all.

    Usually a National will have plenty of test to not have to use a wipe out flier.
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