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Thread: Need help!

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    Default Need help!

    I have a 16 week old female. She is a great dog for me, however, for my wife she is a nightmare. I will give you a little background. I am very firm with my pup and she was complete opposite for the first several weeks. Well things have gotten to a point where my pup will bite her constantly and will not relax when she is only with her. For example, the other day I spent several hours with my pup roaming the house and playing while I was doing house work and she was behaving perfectly. I had to run out for a while so I left my wife alone with her, as soon as I left she started jumping on chairs, biting her leg multiple times and just being overly rambunctious. All things she never does when I am around. As soon as I came home she was completely fine again.

    What can we do to fix this now, while we can still control her? What are simple things that will help my wife establish her self as the alpha?

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    Wow...I not a pro, but have raised a few water dogs. Wecurrently have a 20 week old female. We never allow our pups to wonder in thehouse until that are fully obedience trained, house broke and through initialfield training which includes force fetching (around 8-9 months of age). Theyare either in the kennel or on a short 6' lead hooked to either me or my wife.Obedience (sit, down, heel, here, leave it, stand, etc...) goes on formally fora few minutes 2 times per day both my wife and I do the training although I dothe field work outside. Our current girl would run, jump, irritate our other 2dogs, etc. if we let her. This all seems to keep her in control...and she isstarting to be a real good girl...although she still has her moments....GoodLuck...

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    You said "I am very firm with my pup "
    Ditto for wife, plus, plus, plus
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    It sounds like your wife needs to be a little firmer with the pup. They know what they can get away with from each of you. Just like my kids,they will push my wife more because they know they can get away with it with her,but they wont do that when I'm around. Same way with your pup!

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    Kennel, dog gets overly problematic, wife puts dog into kennel. Husband deals with it when he gets home, it's his dog after all (LOL)

    Actually the time-out option usually works, pup does not come out of kennel until she is good, doesn't take them long to realize it, If the pup cries in kennel, NO Quite a little wap to the nose. When dog calms and becomes quite dog can come out, if she gets to be a problem again back in she goes.
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    How about having the wife take an obedience class with the puppy?
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