Training group in fayetteville/Bragg area
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Thread: Training group in fayetteville/Bragg area

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    Default Training group in fayetteville/Bragg area


    I'm looking to link up with some people to do some hunt test training. Just moved here and don't want the dog to get comfortable laying around in the house. Previously did more trial training but would like to get into hunt tests. Thanks and Pms welcome

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    Yadkin River Waterfowl & Retriever Club has dedicated training grounds and a monthly club training day in Mebane. Thats probably an hour or two drive from Fayetteville. The training days and informatio are listed on the club's website and facebook page.

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    I have a dog with Chris Locklear, so when I am in the US and get a chance to train, I usually go with him. He is in Laurinburg, NC (about 40 minutes from Fayetteville). He often has people new to the area or new to the sport out there with him. Dave Wilson is another pro in the area that does hunt tests and may know of some people that train regularly. He is in Sampson County. As previously mentioned, Yadkin River is a nearby club. Members of the Lumber River Club also live in the southeast part of the state and I am sure have some training groups. Chris is a great source of information and I think an excellent trainer. I have talked to and hung out with Dave on numerous occasions. Both are primarily Hunt Test guys, and they are friendly and wouldn't mind talking to you about the retriever world happenings around North Carolina. Feel free to PM me, but I only have like 8 posts so I don't think my PM function works. The first link is to Chris's website, the second to Dave's, the third to Lumber River's, and the fourth is for Yadkin River. Hopefully they all work.

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    Lumber river retriever club will be closest. and they have a Facebook page. If you are looking for a pro, there are many great ones. Chris locklear mentioned above, woody Thurman also in laurinburg, mike osteen from laurinburg now in Moore county.

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