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Thread: weather and training

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinsKennels View Post
    I have snow goose hunted in blizzards and duck hunted during rain storms and goose hunted in 90 degree days. So I train even harder when weather is bad.
    I second this on all aspects. I make it a point to drag the kids out when it's raining to do marks with my dog.

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    Hmmm seems like we got a couple haters on here! Ill have you know I just got done training.
    Brian Daniels

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    I don't train in hard or steady rain. A few showers or mist I can deal with. Like tomorrow it is going to rain. I will take the day off. It won't hurt the dog any to have a break. In fact it will probably do him some good to have a day off.
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    Just like my old job, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night keeps me from training.
    Terry Crawford

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    20 years ago, I worked and when I had time off I trained except when the snow was to deep, the coldest I trained was -23 degrees F. I was tougher then now if it's below 0 I almost don't train. We don't have the real heavy rain of the Pacific Northwest so our liquid sunshine isn't the bother in the summer that steady hard rain can be. I've trained in the snow, wet, ice, fog etc. The dogs liked it all.

    Howard Niemi

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    Do you think that training in the rougher weather helps or hinders.

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    If you think your dog is a handling machine- run a biggo blind in some serious wind. If that goes OK then add a buncha rain and see how that goes. Here in the Northwet we get pretty used to training with cold water running down the back of yer neck but I put them on my lap when the wind is harsh.

    Leave them fans off regards

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    got stuck in traffic when i left work but luckily the last 30 mins of daylight was just a drizzle. figured id have to reteach the first leg from yesterday seeing as how things have went in previous yard work (although yesterday he did real well with it being taught). went ahead and planted with white and orange and took him out of the crate. lined it cold like a champ. ran it a few times then taught other outside leg using only white. got to baseline in 5 sends and sent 3 more times on new learned leg then rotated between first and second for last 2. the first leg was now all orange and he had no problem (i know i need more white. im in process of ordering more). more rain tomorrow and hopefully a new (middle) leg. we'll see how he likes that 200 yarder in the rain.

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    Perfect weather I can only wish!!! I train in most weather conditions. Good for you and the dogs. Keep in shape. Have to be careful of ice so I dislike when it rains, then snows and immediately freezes - makes it a bit challenging. That may be the only time I have to look for a safe spot to train.
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    If I would hut in it I train in it!

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