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Thread: Teaching Pattern Blinds

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    Default Teaching Pattern Blinds

    Using TRT and following to a T aside from the fact that im doing swim by after PB's as the water is still ice.... I have watched the Transition video 5 or 6 times and I dont think I have heard Mike explain sends per session.

    Getting ready to start Pattern blinds in the next day or two.
    My question is how many sends per session? I know this is going to mostly depend on my boy but when is enough enough?
    I think he is going to do pretty well on them as he holds a very good line, when training i can be 150yds plus out throwing marks i can line him and say "Place" and he heads back to his mat. Having said that i probably just cursed my self....

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    i just started pattern blinds monday. it took 5 sends using lardy's method (25 yards away side send. leave dog front finish from previous spot and backup 25-30 yards and cast. then side send from that spot etc.) getting to the baseline. and then probably 5 sends from the baseline. tuesday i did 4-5 sends from baseline on leg 1 then taught 2nd leg and it took 5 sends to get to the baseline then ran it twice. then alternated between first and second leg 2 more times a piece

    now today when i teach the 3rd leg i'll prolly not do as many reps on the 1st leg (2-3) and about 3-4 on the second leg then teach 3rd leg. if he's still got good momentum will try and run 1-2 of each leg at the end
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    I typically do a session every day with the dog. This is a teaching drill where skills are taught through repetition. These dogs can handle at least one session a day and in my experience they make the most progress by consistent sessions daily for 7-10 days. If by day 10 I'm seeing a 80% success rate in the handling portion and good response to the back command with periodic force I move to pattern field where we take the taught skills and put them into a controlled field situation.

    My pattern fields is flat, short grass and mostly featureless. The blinds have good separation and vary in length. (see diagram) I teach 1 leg each day, and repeat the other legs as I go along. By day 4 the dog is picking up 2 bumpers at each leg. They are rough at first, but like T pattern this is teaching. Not a lot of corrections for casting mistakes, use attrition. Don't worry if they line them, again this is about working with you has a handler and taking the casts. Again I run these for 7-10 days. Typically after this the dog is working with me well enough to move to true cold blinds, which in line with the program does not have a lot of casting corrections, but mostly attrition.

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