Since the vet that we saw the other day was unsure about what happened to Ruger I took called one of the other vets in the office with more experience. I found out the first vet is new to there practice and hasn't been out of vet school long. I just wanted a second opinion because after reading most of the replies I got and research on the internet it didn't sound like a seizure but more of something to do with his ears.

All his bloodwork was normal; glucose & phosphorus a little high and globin a little low. Nothing out of the norm though as since he's never had bloodwork done this could be where his norms are.

He said since his eyes where darting back and forth horizonally it seems like just a case of dizziness. I asked him about vestubular disease and he said that's just in cases of older dogs and it would be a recurring thing and more noticable. He said his eyes where the key, and if I where to watch someone with motion sickness or have someone turn in circles really quick and watch there eyes they would do the same thing. He said if it happens again he will prescrib meclizine for vertigo.

Here's a pic I took of him a couple weeks ago:

Ruger (Small).JPG