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Thread: If your only goal was FC/AFC...

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    Not sure we can judge best producers solely on how many FC-AFC pups they produced. If you add in how many total pups and how many breedings, the % number would go way down on over-used studs and up on under-used. It would be a better representation on production, ex LM =157, but how many total LM pups are there 157/300pups= 50% 157/1000pups = 16% big difference there.
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    John Lash,

    Good advice, if you already had a dog(s) and just wanted more but, this is a hypothetical question. With all other things being equal, if you could pick a stud to get a puppy out of today, who would you go with?

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    I have already said FC Fargo II and why. My other choice would be FC AFC Wood River's Franchise. We bred to Shaq; the pups are now 2 yrs. 3 months old. Did OK in Derby (2 on the Derby list, 2 with 9 pts., 1 with 8 pts., the rest with 6 pts or less). Now it is time for the Qual. One female became QAA right out of Derby (she had only 3 Derby pts. but then slammed a Qual). The rest are now in training for Qual. Time will tell how this litter turns out. Most pups went to Amateurs so we hope for a lot of AFC's out of Shaq and Ruby.


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