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Thread: Training Books

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    I have just enjoyed Hey Pup Fetch It UP by Bill Tarrant.

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    I started training my first lab in July. Despite the Internet etc. I went to the library and checked out Richard Wolters "gun dog", "water dog" and "family dog". Even though they're fifty years old they started me out real well. I photocopied numerous pages until I was lucky enough to find them in a used book store for five bucks a piece. You can also still buy them at Amazon. I also found milner's gun dog. Good luck.

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    I found Tom Dokkens book to be ok. He uses more of the positive method than alot of others. The only thing that I questioned was how long he suggest you wait to introduce live birds.other than that it would be a very easy book to fallow.

    I trained my first pup using Amy Daul's ten min retriever. Very stright forward and very easy to fallow can not say enough good things about it. Not many people ever suggest it either not sure why? Also like SmartWorks Evan has a good way of making advanced concepts more simple(for me at least).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    do you hunt off shore? I hear the tides are wicked up that way.
    We mostly hunt fields up here. I'm about 3-4 hours from the coast.

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