Anyone tried this kennel septic tank system ?
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Thread: Anyone tried this kennel septic tank system ?

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    Default Anyone tried this kennel septic tank system ?


    I'm close to putting a new set of kennels up .I have a nice location picked which will give shade in the summer and north wind block in the winter,but not a good location to wash down. Wondering if this works as described or if anyone has had expirience with other small (4 kennels ) septic tanks systems. The solids are not a big deal as I scoop them up ,but the liquids and water will keep the area around the kennels constantly wet if just washed down.

    Let me know if the link doesnt work

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    I believe that system is for solid waste similar to a composte bin.

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    I looked into it, but did more research and people were saying it was made of really cheap, flimsy plastic. If you do a YouTube search for "dog septic" you'll see a bunch of DIY systems. I tried one last fall, and it worked ok. Basically it was the same thing as above, except you just use a 5 gallon bucket. Some go as big as a garbage can.

    The problem that I had with the DIY is that it didn't seem to dissolve the waste like I though it would. I may have to try a couple different products though.

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    Best to do a perk test for ground absorbsion before installing any septic system. Health Dept does that procedure in FL but must have series of screens to prevent dog hair for entering which never seems to dissolve.

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