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Thread: If your only goal was FC/AFC... Tandem(Chic Version)

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    Surprising to be that no one has picked Ammo the highest point derby dog of all time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clayton Evans View Post
    Surprising to be that no one has picked Ammo the highest point derby dog of all time.
    Very nice dog, but she is an unproven producer. If I had a choice to go with her or Joe Duck hunter's JH female that has produced 3 FC AFC's, I would definitely chose the JH female based on proven results alone no matter that she is the high point derby dog of all time or her titles. Proven results are key.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonMallari View Post
    if there were Dam's that I could have a puppy from with the sole intent of having an FC AFC

    1. FC AFC Hilltop's High Society (Gracie)

    2.FC AFC Flyway's Ruby Begonia ( Ruby)

    3. AFC World Famous She Male Emasulator (Nora)
    AFC Candlewood's She's So Fine (Sophie)

    4. FC AFC Knollwoods Sweet Lily (Lily)

    5. FC AFC Citori'a Accept No Substitute (Brook)

    the above choice are ALL hypothetical except for one, because either they have already been bred, spayed, or past being a viable option

    My prediction for the next " best female to breed to"

    are Nora and FC Trumarc's Dot Come (Dottie)
    I know of one missing on that list with an exceptional ratio of wins and placements to entries record.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lpgar View Post
    roseberry....another fine Keihla X Chopper Bitch. Now....who to breed her too?
    Merlin ....
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    How about windy????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunt'EmUp View Post
    JMO but the female makes the difference, on which litters will produce.

    Just my opinion as well, but I do believe that your opinion has been proven true on more than just one occasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckquilizer View Post
    Something of interest with Soupy, it looks like the offspring with low titled females underperformed the high titled female breedings. That may give even more weight to it. Maybe due to who and where they would have gone too?
    I think this hits it on the head. The WHO did the pups go to is the key. Folks with lower titled (but very good) females breed all the time to FC's, AFC, even NFC's and NAFC's...but I wouldn't think that those breedings get the consistent buyers with the resources to truly and regularly develop the talent in a litter. The owner of a NFC or NAFC bitch can easily pick any NFC or NAFC stud and the folks with deep pockets will line up...and then put those pups on the best pro trucks in the country. What would really be interesting (although probably impossible to do) would be to take the litters from the dogs mentioned in this thread, and from a statistical perspective, throw out the pups that didn't go to a proven amateur owner or a top pro, then recalculate the resulting FC and AFC percentages on those pups that did go to that kind of situation. Does that make sense?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    Kweezy's dam AFC Candlewood's Ms Costalot 14 titled offspring and one of the best bitches in the country FC-AFC & National Finalist Bayou Star Beyond Independent (Tia) and of course Gracie and Holland's littermate Dottie
    I could do this but would take out Gracie and Dottie and replace them with Nakai Annie, especially if bred to Super Powder. My Males would be, in no particular order, Honcho, The original Soupy, Trumarc's Zip Code & Carbon
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    Quote Originally Posted by David McLendon View Post
    Merlin ....
    Friend just flew his female to west coast to bred to Merlin. Can't wait to see his pups on the east coast.
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    If my goal was to own and breed FC/AFCs Lottie would be my "dream" pick. She threw fantastic pups while being incredibly marketable due to her crazy success. I would breed Lottie then keep her daughter "Ms". Breed her and keep Lottie granddaughter "Kweezy". Then I'd keep her great granddaughter (Stepper daughter) and name sake Tanks Alot for the Dance-"Dancy".

    Seriously, If I could do it all over again, know what & who I know now, I'd keep my little ole hunt test girl "Dancy" and breed her 4 or 5 times and FIND THE BEST TRIAL HOMES possible. Dance was bred to Cosmo twice, sold 6 pups to trial homes, produced 3 Field Champions and 1 QAA. Not too bad!!! Didn't breed her until she was 5 yrs old.
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