Anyone ever done a CERF clinic at their trial before?
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Thread: Anyone ever done a CERF clinic at their trial before?

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    Default Anyone ever done a CERF clinic at their trial before?

    Has anyone here been a member of a club thats held one or been to a CERF clinic during a trial weekend? Our club is considering holding one during our spring trial but thinking about logistics of pros running around to different stakes, I'm not sure if there would be a value to holding one. PM me if you'd like.
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    They dialate the dog's eyes. I'd think you wouldn't want to run a dog after it had been done. We have had the club set one up for a day of just that, you could also pair it with eic/cnm testing as well. Send publicity out to surrounding clubs, you should reach a lot of folks that way.
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    As Lady Duck Hunter explained they dialate the dog's eyes and it lasts for several hours. Any testing would have to be done at the end of the day's events. The Chesapeake club has often had them at the end of picnic trials, etc., right before a barbeque or potluck dinner that evening.

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    The best place to get your dog CERFed is at a dog (conformation) show. Many of these have clinics.
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