Jimi gets Open 4th at Topeka. Flyer wins
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Thread: Jimi gets Open 4th at Topeka. Flyer wins

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    Default Jimi gets Open 4th at Topeka. Flyer wins

    Congrats Angie!! Just 1 1/2 more points to Nat'ls!!

    Rorem won the Open with Flyer Halverson, owned by Larry & Jayne from Fridley, MN. This is Flyer's second win this year--gives him his FC!! YAHOO!! Congrats Jayne & Larry.

    This is Rorem's 3rd Open win in 2005 and his 3rd FC.
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    Anne, I sent Nicki (my QAA female out of NFC AFC Eba X FC AFC Dakota's Rascal Ryan) with Dave for this paticular south trip. Hopefully Dave gets her to come around for him real soon. He might run her in a couple of weeks to see how she does. Anyway, I hope he gets Jimi qualified, I think they are 1.5 pts away? Also, congrats with Izzy! For whatever it is worth....I think now that Dave is retired.....the rest of the country is gonna stand up and take notice. Just glad we were on the train before it left. Good luck at the National. Mike Beadle

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    Angie, are you going to attend the Nationals in a bikini to watch your dog? :P
    Howard Niemi

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    Great news Angie - Congrats!!


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    Flyer has been really "clicking" since being on Dave's truck and back in his home state of Minnesota for training! Congrats to Jane & Larry, if someone can get Jane off the ceiling where I'm sure she'll be floatin for awhile!

    Angie- congrats on that 4th........

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    Congrats to Dave, Jane & Larry and Angie.

    Wish I still had a dog with Dave....but they are old and retired. Still waiting for a good young one to put back on his truck.

    Pat Lindell
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    A big congrats to Angie and Jimi! No need to step on Jimi's tail in training.
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    Heck!! I didn't even know this was over here. Thanks for posting Ann!

    That explains it Miriam.

    Congrats to Larry and Jan. This year has been awesome for them and "flyer". "Jimi" like so many others is now playing catch up. I wish Dave would start using that lipstick in the holding blind that I sent him. That would get that extra point and a half.

    Thanks Everybody. Keep the well wishing going and keep your fingers crossed.


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    That's awesome! Congrats!

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