Reading if your goal was FC/AFC(chic version) got me thinking.
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Thread: Reading if your goal was FC/AFC(chic version) got me thinking.

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    Default Reading if your goal was FC/AFC(chic version) got me thinking.

    If you canít see the sire and dam work, what do you look for in a pedigree?

    What makes a pedigree a good one??

    What makes a pedigree strong? Strong bitchlines, is that more titled dams or what the breeding on the dams side contributes? If there are a high number of NFC-NAFC males, but not so many females in 4-generations, do you have a good bitchline? The example below is my pups pedigree. All titled sires, dams not so muchÖ. How much weight does this carry in the breeding?
    quick and cash pedigree.pdf

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    I have a litter mate of yours there. High hopes for the little girl and she's showing a pretty high level of willingness to work.
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    I've been sort of wondering the same thing.

    If the dog's got it, is the pedigree relevant?

    It seems people give a lot of weight to the pedigree, rather than the particular dog's accomplishments.

    Does the bitchline matter more than the bitch? Are two bitches/studs with equal credentials valued the same if one has a "nice" pedigree ("old money") and the other is "nouveau riche"?

    I have the impression that the answer is no: the "old money" bitch/stud is viewed by dog people as a better bet.

    But My understanding of quantitative genetics is that they are equally likely to produce talented offspring.

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    Ed A's post in the other thread is really great advice. Read into it, he says a lot.
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    Pedigree helps IMHO
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