Ben Carson's Book: America The Beautiful
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Thread: Ben Carson's Book: America The Beautiful

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    Default Ben Carson's Book: America The Beautiful

    I am about 1/2 way through this book, and it really is interesting.

    He looks at American history to make his points. He makes a good case for the fact that the Founding Fathers never meant to remove God from our lives, but simply did not want the govt to favor any one religion. He talks about how education was a factor in the growth of the country.

    He makes his case for at least several of the Founding Fathers being more than just Deists: Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, using quotations. It was Ben Franklin who began the tradition of starting Congress with a prayer by doing so during the Constitutional Convention.

    He talks about unions as well. He actually worked on an assembly line at Chrysler during his college years. He also was a supervisor on a highway clean-up crew one summer. The crew hated working in the hot sun ... so he proposed to them that they start at 6 AM when it was cooler, and when they had 100 bags of trash, their work was done, but they would still be paid for their full 8 hours. The result: in two hours they had 200 bags of trash. He couldn't send them home, so they had a long lunch break, etc. He said that with incentivization, the men were even willing to work longer, but he was not authorized to pay them any more, so they got the free time. The other supervisors couldn't figure out why his crew did the best job, yet they never seemed to see them around

    He also makes the point that greed is not unique to capitalism. It is part of humanity. It is present in socialism and communism as well, so greed is not an "excuse" for substituting one of the latter for capitalism.

    It's really quite an interesting insight into the man and how his mind works.
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    Love Ben Carson!!

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