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Thread: Pup Issue?

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    Default Pup Issue?

    I got a 18 week old female pup. When we do some retrieving she gets into a mode where she starts growling when she gets back to me with dummy. Even bites me when I take it away. I dont take it away right when she gets back but even when she drops it she somestimess keeps growling until i throw it. Should i be concerned? what can I do?

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    Sounds to me she is trying to challenge your dominance. Id nip this in the butt asap. But hey that's just me!
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    Is she playing, doing play growls? Why not just quit before she goes over the edge that way. She's just a baby still.

    At that age, mine used to air hump when she got uber excited retrieving. She is not at all a dominate dog.
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    I think Force Fetch will resolve your problem, but your pup is too young for that now. I would work on formal obiedience and stop the retrieving for time being. By continuing what your doing at present will only encourage the behavior. As said, I'd work on formal OB, and perhaps begin intro of hand in mouth with a gloved hand, which will go a long way toward teaching the hold command later when you are ready to begin Force Fetch after the adult teeth are all in.

    Just my two cents, far more knowledgeable folks will be along to chime in.

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    Is it play or is it serious? Pups play keep away with each other big time. If she's in play mode just be the benevolent alpha. Let her play some but be in charge. But you play back by throwing it again. Use a rope, a hallway, get down on your knees or whatever you need to do to get the pup back, love her up some and throw it again. Do it a few times and quit while it's still fun.

    If she really is growling at you you'll have to be firmer. Most likely the pup is just exploring her limits. You being in charge, a source of play and excitement should be enough to channel her excitement to what you want. She's a pup and does need a steady outlet for her energy.
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