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Thread: FF- How do i know when my pup "Gets it"?

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    My thought is to look at it from the dogs point of view. You bring dog in to honor,dog on Line is sent for the retrieve. Your dog breaks makes it say 40 yards and is corrected with "here-nick-here" . Your dog complies. You set up the same situation but are watching for your dog to break honor. You give correction at 20 yards "Here-nick-here",the honor dog thinks it's a forty yard limit before it must comply. It freaks out flopping like a fish out of water for a correction that it clearly didn't understand. "Sometimes you must think like a dog to train like a pro " Delmar Smith. SLOW DOWN you've only got one dog to train . The "Pro" must fit the dog in his program box or send it down the road and if it's your dog you better hope there is a fix if the "pro has tried to fit your dog ,a square peg in a round hole. You need to train the dog you have not the one that fits in the program box.It's clear to me the dog understands pressure and how to turn in off if applied correctly for actions it understands. I would evaluate where it is in it's maturity -spend some time reviewing CC recall , whistle sit,debolting and walking fetch . With walking fetch I lay out my ladder of bumpers 10 yards apart and require the dog to walk at heal on a rope with the collar and pick up bumpers in a random order,every other bumper ,every third bumper. The object is to have the dog ONLY fetch a bumper when given the command. I even walk over bumpers with the dog at heal . This helps greatly greatly steadiness.

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    IMO seems your FF is fine, but your CC is the problem, you've only taken her up to a 2 this is the pressure she does everything snappy at. However there's more to CCing than just determining what your dogs appropriate level of collar pressure is. It is also used to teach a dog how to deal-work through different pressure levels, you take the dog up in pressure level and teach her to work through it, without panic, bolting etc.. This gives you a range of pressure you can use in different situations, for certain situations that a 2 just might not work, but if for some reason you have to use a 5. The dog has been taught how to work through it and not panic, bolt or shut down. With CC you create Lag in a controled situation then work the dog through the lag, getting her back. She learns to recover, which she'll need to do in uncontrolled situations ( ie. the weirdness your seeing in honor correction) later. CCing is basically the Military mentality of breaking her down, build her up, in a place where you can control the outcome. It's the start of turning the collar into a working tool, and not just a punishment for incorrect behavior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dazed View Post
    Wow, thats even more of a surprise to me. In the past, i have been asked to join other more experienced handlers, whose dogs have progressed farther than my pup, and are anywhere from 6 months - 2 years older than my dog. We have taken turns working our dogs, and i have helped and received much help and suggestions. We attended a play day... and i was encouraged to handle my dog at a junior type level, on single marks, behind blinds, waiting our turn, which we did with no problems. A no Pressure situation, as was our experience last weekend. I did not expect my dog to honor anything, but i did wish to remind her that here, means here, and that running around wild was not an option. Basic Obedience stuff. Nothing More!

    So, if i read your response right, i should not be exposing my pup to a situation where she might be tempted to retrieve another dogs fetch. OK, i can do that, i certainly am not trying to overwhelm her, and am definetly not trying to teach her to honor.. We are not that far along in our training, either one of us, that much i know. What i did expect was for her to obey a simple obd. command of here. What i didn't expect was her reaction to that simple command, and the following observations that i have not pressure conditioned my dog properly. That is where i am bewildered. I have CC and FF'd her with great care. And at home in our training enviournment, she is working almost perfectly.

    I thought exposing her to playday, no pressure situations would be a good learning experience for both of us, as i have been encouraged to do. Right now, until i get this figured out, i will not be joining others in any type of situation, play or not, so i do not risk exposing her to undue, unhealthy pressure. I appreciate your observations, and suggestions.
    This is not what I am saying at all...you should be at every training day you can, picking up every mark you can, exposing your young retriever to the sights, sounds, emotions, atmosphere, and smells of a large gathering of dogs, people, and ducks. All I am saying is to save the honor till the dog is more mature...IMO, MUCH MORE mature.

    You also said "I have CC and FF'd her with great care"...but have you debolted her??? Have you finished FTP??? If not, your pup has not been fully conditioned to the collar. Your pup has not been made to work THROUGH the pressure and does not fully understand why she was receiving the correction you gave.

    Don't stress, shes not ruined for life. Just don't put her back in that no-win, unsuccessful situation until you have the tools in your toolbox to deal with it properly. In the mean time, enjoy your puppy...they grow up way to fast.
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    I will back in the states next Monday, and will be able to help you with this. International data costs are stiff!

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    thank you so much... I look forward to your observations/advise.

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