Osteosarcoma Study & patient recruitment
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Thread: Osteosarcoma Study & patient recruitment

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    Default Osteosarcoma Study & patient recruitment

    Hadn't seen this posted yet- the university of Pennsylvania study is recruiting dogs with osteosarcoma for a trial vaccine treatment.
    More info here: http://www.vet.upenn.edu/Research/Ba...2/Default.aspx
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    God bless them. Dogs are proving invaluable in cancer research since the big C is something they share with us. There is work being done on glioblastoma multiformae (GBM) which is an unstoppable brain tumor. I saw a video of a Golden who's tumor was arrested... the results good enough to try the drug on people. Also in the video was a human who was getting the drug and doing reasonably well, thanks to the Golden and other dogs from generous owners.

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    I believe this is the same vet (Dr. Mason) that has similar research going on Lymphoma. I hear from a vet friend in PA that Dr. Mason is very highly regarded. And yes, I would think both these studies could benefit both dogs and humans.

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    I'm not sure how this is making it's way around the dog sites at this particular time, but this study was actually conducted last year. You can see the January update on one participant on the link at the bottom - update on Sasha Jan 2013.
    And more recent than that is an update here with not good news about that same dog:

    I did find reference to the possibility of a 2nd study with a bigger group of dogs in fall of 2013, but it did not say they were seeking participants yet.

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    I lost my first Lab to osteosarcoma a couple years ago she was 9.5 years old and one morning she was limping and 5 weeks later she was gone...discovered it too late for an amputation...I pray constantly for success in these studies, it's a nasty, painful disease and not just for our four legged companions...
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