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Thread: 21 month pigeon-eating golden, any hope or advice?

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    An old friend of mine who had an informally trained retriever that once ate a dove on an afternoon hunt would say "feed him before training".
    Darrin Greene

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    Big Gunner...Great story, at least she has good taste!

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    I had a lab once that was a great dog. Picked up everything I shot. Trailed cripples like Sherlock Holmes trailed Moriarty. I shot a limit of doves one day (12 back then). The dog rode up front with me in those days. I stopped at the store on the way home and then proceeded on my way. When I got home I took the birds out to clean them and there were only 8. I looked everywhere in that truck and no birds. Only one explanation for where they went. He never ate another bird before or since, but I didn't leave him alone with the bag anymore either.
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