(For Fun) DIY Trainers! What Program you followed to title your dog ???
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Thread: (For Fun) DIY Trainers! What Program you followed to title your dog ???

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    Default (For Fun) DIY Trainers! What Program you followed to title your dog ???

    Just a fun question for you Do It Yourself trainers !! Not wanting a argument here ! Just for the fun of disscusion, and my curiosty !

    What program did you follow to finish your dog, and What titles does this dog(s) hold ???

    Im following Smartworks myself for my pup, We are out of commision because of her broke leg, but we looking forward to getting back at it !

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    I primarily followed the Lardy system, but have to give a ton of credit to my training mentors who knew the Lardy system off by heart. I have a Canadian Kennel Club Grand Master Hunter and 2 Hunting Retriever Club Champions.
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    No program just tid-bits I pick-up here and there, worked out OK for me Titled in every venue we've ran MH MHR HRCH.
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    Lardy, But when he was young I did have a strong Hillman influence with the FF program. I had him holding and responding to fetch command at 3 months wo pressure just rewards. I did go through the formal FF at 6 mo when all adult teeth were in but It was alot easier.

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    SmartWork! I also have a strong past with the original Wolters Waterdog program. Still a great training tool.
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    My initial infuence came from Richard Wolters "Waterdog". Received tons of help from the members of Southern Minnesota HRA and my mentor Ed Fritz Wildlife Kennels. JH SH and 2 out of 3 in Master Tests.

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    I personally like to follow "The wildrose way" by Mike Stewart. She personally has an SHR title and some HR passes (which doesn't seem like much), but she is 100% on passes. Only started running tests with her this spring, and she has gone 5/5.

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    I followed Stawskis to do HRC. Rick's program excellent and easy to follow. He is helpful if you need clarification. I now use Lardy's and Dennis Voigt's DVD and looked at Al Arthur talking about marking on Water Dog Clinic. These are all very good.
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    With my current oldest started with Water Dog, then I transitioned and used Smart Work and Training the Pointing Labrador by Julie Knutson. Also used the last two with the young pup. along with a couple modifications. The titles earned Oldest 4X GMPR (Grand master Pointing Retriever) HRCH & MH, my youngest MPR (Master Pointing Retriever) HR with 1 Finished pass and SH
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    I followed Smart Works program, but with no ecollar for my avatar dog. He has MHR, HRCH, MH, WCX as well as UD and advanced agility titles. My current dog followed Smart Works with ecollar. She has SH, WCX and 3 MH passes so far.

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