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Thread: Exercise and training after breeding

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    I am Len Ferucci's son and would be potentially interested in one of those pups! How can I contact you?

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    I recommend that clients ideally do not train and compete during the pregnancy due to risk of disease transmission. However, I want the bitch to get moderate exercise throughout her pregnancy, as long as she will tolerate it, to make sure she stays fit.

    Implantation occurs 18-20d after the LH surge- so by 2 weeks post breeding, everyone should be settled down in the uterus. I think its very smart to avoid hard work/training during this time period, but light to moderate exercise is great.

    The majority of growth is in the last 3 weeks of gestation. I wouldn't want to me heavily training during that period either, but again, light to moderate exercise to maintain fitness is essential.
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    Howard and Paul, wasnt Chena River Suprise born at a FT. Meg sure produced a fine one while taking a break between series.
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    FC/AFC Chena River Surprise was whelped at a field trial. FC/AFC Chena River No Surprise was not.
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