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Thread: TT control range

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    Default TT control range

    I use TT controls on my thunder launchers. I'm thinking the range is quite a bit shorter than it should be. I have trouble getting anything over 120 yards with it... Fresh charge & everything.

    What range do you guys get w/ your TT or Dogtra on a launcher?

    Any tips on increasing range?
    -Barton Ramsey

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    You get a beter range with Dogtra.

    As for increasing range. Make sure your antenna is either off to the side or above the launcher. Try to get it away from the metal case. Some have made a small skick stand so the receiver is higher in the air for better reception also.
    Joe Dutro

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    I noticed the same with my TT's with my new thunder launcher as apposed to wingers. I think that the receiver is so close to the ground with the thunders it limits the range. When on the wingers they are 4 feet off the ground. I wonder if that makes a difference.
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    You can get extension cables at Radio Shack so you can mount the reciever on your stick man. The higher they are off the ground, the longer the range. It also seems as though having the antennae vertical works better than if it is sideways or at an angle.

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    All of the above and make sure you have a clear line of sight to receiver.

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