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Thread: Congrats to Menmon {Sambo} on his FC title

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    The irrigation canal formaly known as the Rio Grande


    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    sorry, my Chessies are Feudalists
    Of course they are. They are CBR's. Do you count your fingers daily or just occasionally? Do you pee behind tree's on line or off line ?

    Do I need to post a smiley everytime I'm sacastic?

    Please, Ken. I know you have a rhyme. Hugh
    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    as have I, worked the line and took the birds off of John and Martha Russell's mound on the front lawn in Stowe, Vt. he opened the first series of the Am. with a double. Everyone in the gallery was like "Oooh it's just a double" yup, just a double!!!
    I'm sure he got the answers he needed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    However if dogs are republicans. would they demand subsidies for training...? "I'll do it, but only for a cookie".
    Would they then, when not recieving said cookie, fire you and the trainer, initiate a hostile takeover of the kennel, and send all the dogs to China for training? If you answer yes, then your dog might be a republican...
    ...and they will still be disobedient....but they will be good republican dogs...but do they work for us? JD
    JD, this is a clever post, as was the one just before. Very cute!!!!!
    Never trust a dog to watch your food!

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