The various Democrats that voted for their leaders supporting the Obama gun control bill should just turn in their guns as they continue to genuflect in reverence to their messiah and his regime. You all must be so proud of your support.


The battle for our gun rights is raging on Capitol Hill right now…and Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg have sunk to a new low.

They’re LYING about the views of America’s rank-and-file police officers.

Please click here to watch NRA-ILA’s latest video ad exposing the truth. And after you watch, please forward it to as many family and friends as you can!

Obama and Bloomberg claim that America’s police officers want gun bans and gun control…but a breaking new survey of nearly 15,000 active and retired law enforcement officers shows that an overwhelming majority of America’s policemen and women do NOT support Obama’s gun control agenda AT ALL.

In fact, a whopping 71% of law enforcement officers say Obama’s gun ban will do NOTHING to stop violent crime. An even larger 80% say that more background checks will have ZERO effect.

And an overwhelming 91% of law enforcement officers say that prosecutions and mandatory sentencing is the best way to combat violent crime…the two most important actions that Barack Obama has refused to take.

You and I both know that Obama and Bloomberg are lying when they say America’s rank-and-file police officers agree with their gun control agenda.

But others don’t know…and they never will unless we set the record straight!

So please watch this short video and send to every gun owner you know.

With your help, we can expose Obama’s and Bloomberg’s deception…defend the integrity of our brave men and women in the law enforcement community…and SAVE OUR SECOND AMENDMENT FREEDOMS!

But we’ve got to hurry. Thank you!!!

Chris W. Cox
Executive Director, NRA-ILA