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Thread: The MUST Haves??

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    AS far as kennel covers here is my thoughts. Insulated covers are nice, especially when its cold out and your dogs wet after a hunt. You can shut then in there where no wind can get to them, and they can stay fairly warm. What worries me is insulated kennel covers during the summer. Insulated aluminum kennels can stay fairly cool during the summer months, however, these type kennels have a cooling system such as fans normally. Im not saying the insulated ones on a plastic kennel hot during the summer, but its just a mental issue in my head that I cant get over. I personally have an Avery bug out kennel cover on my kennel and have loved it. Allows the box to stay cool during the warm months, and keeps the wind and cool air out during hunting season. Also have those bug windows to keep the gnats of the dogs when those annoying little things are out.

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    I reccomend my clients purchase 1 dozen white bumpers, 6 orange, a good whistle, quality e collar, heel stick, 4' nylon lead, 20' check cord, solid crate, reflective collar with their name and phone # and 1 good tie out stake. That's a really good start.

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    This is just what I carry in my truck, a small house!: enough bumpers to train with, Bumper Boy X2 (no bullets across the border), matt, chair, whistle, crop, E-collar, starter pistol (not across the border), white jacket, rain gear, gloves, hats, shoes and boots, dog collars and leashes, sunscreen, tick spray, scissors, utensils, thermometer, lysol wipes, stickmen, binoculars, tie out, water jug, treats and food for dogs, food for myself, debit card and change of clothes! Most of the equipment is in one box that slides beneath the crate which is on a raised box. The chair etc are underneath beside the box.
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