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Thread: Keeping mice out of stored vehicle?

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    We have 12-15 cars in the barn....we use moth balls around and in the cars and the roller buckets. Keep toying with the idea of getting another cat....but the thought of it walking on or peeing on or in the cars defeats the purpose of protecting them.

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    I have used dryer sheets with great success - need to replace every 4-6 weeks. Used both for collector cars that haven't moved for years and many boats stored every fall. Seemed to work better than moth balls. I'll have to try "Fresh Cab".

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    I've been told Irish spring bar soap works great to keep critters out of cars for long term storage. As long as you like the smell of it, because it's going to be pretty strong when you get the car back out of storage, for a while at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow machine View Post
    I heard if you urinate around the vehicle it will keep mice and rats away. I use Moth Balls.
    Apparently that don't work all that well - I can guarantee you that the area around the DW is THOROUGHLY irrigated and at this point hasn't seemed to affect the vermin to any extent. Personally I haven't had the time or energy to nail up a buncha moth balls- them little baskirds are pretty quick and hard to catch.

    Ball having moths regards

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