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Thread: Pro choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LokiMeister View Post
    But abortion is legal.

    So is drinking a super sized coke... But that doesn't stop the nanny state libs from trying to tell you not to do it.
    Bill Davis

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    Quote Originally Posted by LokiMeister View Post
    But abortion is legal.
    That doesn't change the fact it results in the death of child.

    Tom Wall

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    Quote Originally Posted by LokiMeister View Post
    Why does the government get to decide what a woman can do with their body?
    the government didn't decide what the woman did with her body.......she aleady did that kevin. the government is involving itself in the consequences of what she DID with her body. because now there is two bodies at stake.

    and as you say, "it is legal". then why does the judge make me pay child support for 21 years if the child survives and he or she tests positive for my dna? should a reasonable defense for men who wish to avoid the consequences of what they did with their bodies not be, "hey i woulda pinched that little sucker's head and threw it in the fireplace if i could have. this court would have allowed her to do that. why not me?"
    john mccallie

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    Effect of the Roe v. Wade decision:

    All state laws limiting women's access to abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy were invalidated by Roe v. Wade. State laws limiting such access during the second trimester were upheld only when the restrictions were for the purpose of protecting the health of the pregnant woman. Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States, which was not legal at all in many states and was limited by law in others.

    Does Roe v. Wade say anything about third trimester? Why do anti abortion critics always escalate the arguement to 2nd and 3rd trimester hyperbole? Give the woman the right to control her body in the first three months , the doctors the right in the second and the criminal courts the right in the third.
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