CHANGES - Good or Bad?
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Thread: CHANGES - Good or Bad?

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    Default CHANGES - Good or Bad?

    Hi all. Been gone for a while.
    Things have changed here it appears.

    My comment/question is this.

    And I have thought about this for some time.
    Some of us have discussed it.

    What is the influence and reason for the distance changes at the Master level?
    Is it because AKC wants less passes? If the test is to the standards and the dogs all pass or all fail so be it.
    Is it because, Master National wants to make it tougher to qualify? Shame on the influence to those that don't care about the Master National.
    Is it because some/many judges can't set up challenging marks at the shorter distances? Big problem then.
    I don't buy that the dogs are that much better that we need longer marks. Because a
    good judge can set up a challenging, fair, no trickery test and not need exceed 80 yards
    and still challenge the dogs currently running at this level.
    Will it add more time to each run, especially if the thought is that it might cause
    more dogs difficulty by being supposedly more challenging? What does that do to clubs regarding help, time, etc?

    What about the need for a certain number of marks in each series. It takes away creativity. Like the use of double doubles, some delays without having a
    cluster of birds thrown, etc.

    I am curious what others think.
    I am not so sure they are good changes.

    Are our abilities to actually judge dogs based on what we see and know of dog work being diminished?
    As opposed to judging by the rules ("Must")

    Greg W.

    Brooks Black Gold At Briarwood JH (Louie)
    Brandywine's Belle on Wheels JH (Belle)
    Serengetti Sadie O'Brandywine SH -MH passes (Sadie)
    CH Brandywine's Westdale Duggan MH (Duggan)
    CH Alpenglo's Jasmine O'Brooks JH CD (Jasmine)
    Brandywine's Flagship SH (Brandy)

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    I think some of the reasoning was that some HT grounds did not have sufficient cover/cover change etc to set up a good test. The distance chage was to give judges flexibility. This all came thru the RHTAC I believe. That's what I recall.
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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    I don't think the changes change anything.

    The two triple requirement, at least gives you a second chance to have a "clean" triple, if you have a handle on the first one. Before, there was no guarantee that you would get a second triple.

    As far as the 150 yard mark change, there wasn't anything stopping a Judge from throwing a 170 yard mark before. And there still isn't.

    Nothing was really changed. Go play and have fun.

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    I dont think the dogs have gotten any better. In my opinion the training has gotten better and I dont know this as a fact,but I'd bout be willing to bet wingers/bumper boys werent around when the ht rulebook was written.

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