Hunt Tests....AKC or HRC ??
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Thread: Hunt Tests....AKC or HRC ??

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    Senior Member Joby's Avatar
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    Default Hunt Tests....AKC or HRC ??

    Ok Ya'll....This question is directed to the Folks that choose one Hunt Test Venue (AKC or HRC ) over another. I personally run both , and cant say I have a preference. I just like to hit the highway and run my dogs. I'd run Nahra if they had a test nearby. I'm just a wacked out Hunt Test running machine I guess.
    But I notice a lot of people that are strictly AKC and not HRC (and vice versa). Please....If you decide to post, lets keep it civil and professional. This is a question , NOT a debate nor should this thread turn into that. No need to defend or become insulted. I think a lot can be learned from peoples answers to benefit both sides. Soooo, my question is:

    1. Why do you prefer to not run in the other Venue?
    2. What would make the other Venue more attractive to you?

    Thanks in Advance....and Ill hopefully see a lot of you this Summer!!

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    Senior Member krazybronco2's Avatar
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    i just got in to this game but right now i am only running HRC for me there are a few reasons the first reason from what i can understand from the rules in AKC you cant roll over points from one title to the next like you can in HRC. the next is the entry fee the few AKC junior events i have looked at are $70 to enter where the HRC test are $55. these can add up quick for out of town events. so basically it comes down to money right now for me to play the game and i like cheaper. but later when my pup get up to a more finished level we may start to run a few master tests just have to wait and see.

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    Senior Member John Robinson's Avatar
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    I haven't run HRC, so sorry if I take a little tangent, but I did run a lot of NAHRA and AKC back in the day. First from a dog's standpoint, I think they enjoy them both, but with the trailing, quartering and sit-to-flush, I think dogs just love NAHRA. It seemed to me back then that AKC had slightly meatier marks and blinds, but lacked the upland stuff. Like you I liked them both, and titled dogs in both venues, so don't have a preference. I think from a prestige standpoint AKC titles might be given higher merit, that's just my unscientific perception.

    I would guess a lot comes down to what's in your area and how far you have to travel in order to title a dog.


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    I have run both, but much prefer the AKC. I am not a hunter, at least not yet, and I have to admit to feeling slightly ridiculous in the camo outfits. I mean, how is the dog supposed to see me when I'm handling? That may not be a big problem at the short distances, but that brings up my next reason for my preference. I have big running dogs with attitude to match. All that commotion at the line, close up guns, etc just drives them over the bend. Personally, I like running FT's best, but current circumstances do not offer the opportunity to train for or run them. And lastly, I do it all for fun with the dogs. Not chasing titles, so the cost difference is minimal to me. Maybe get out 3 times a year?
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    Member Larry Housman's Avatar
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    I enjoy running all three, but time, money and energy don't allow me to run much HRC because they are scarce here in the east. As John said, the NAHRA program has pretty much everything at the upper two levels and that is why I enjoy it the most. AKC tests, at least in the east, tend to be more technical, but a lot of that is because many of the venues they choose (private grounds) have technical water available so that's what the judges use. Most of the NAHRA tests in the east are run on public grounds, which have great water but it is not so technical in nature. Run 'em all, get your titles and then pick the one(s) you like the most to keep running just for fun and to keep in shape.

    They also all have their big bacchanalia every year (HRC has 2) if you want to run those. HRC and AKC up the standard quite a bit from the average weekend test; NAHRA's Invitational is closer to the norm - their purpose is to "showcase" the dogs, not see what you have to do to get 700 dogs down to a manageable number

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    I have only run AKC strictly because there are not enough HRC clubs within a 200 mile radius of where I live to get involved.
    On the other hand there are at least 10 AKC tests per year within a 3 hour drive.

    Bert Rodgers

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    Senior Member Hunt'EmUp's Avatar
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    Started with AKC, later went in to NAHRA then HRC, have titles in all. Prefer NAHRA & HRC, less people 30 vs. 60+ dogs, less pros, more hunters and it's just a fun environment for me (upland adds a lot). Not saying I won't run AKC but I have my MH title, a two day test is very drawn out, seems like I spend all day throwing birds for 1 or 2 pros with 15-20 dogs, and there's nothing else to really shoot for no 500 pt titles etc. The idea of a 1000 dog Master National, plus the expense of the tests to qualify, is nauseating. I can go to a NAHRA Invitational or HRC Grand whenever I choose. I haven't ran an AKC test since I titled my last dog, unless I travel or there's a double MH somewhere I probably won't run any this year. I have ran several NARHAs and HRC tests after we earned those titles, will run more of those this year.
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    Senior Member Mary Lynn Metras's Avatar
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    HRC is a lot of fun!! for you and your dog! on a weekend! and very achievable.
    Can't speak for AKC HT. Never been interested in running this venue.
    But really like AKC FT but loads of work, every day and I have lots to learn! It is fun too! IMHO
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    Senior Member Richard Finch's Avatar
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    Enjoy the camaraderie in HRC, definitely a more enjoyable venue in my eyes... However the last couple AKC events I ran I did enjoy...

    SHOOT EM' IN THE LIPS..........

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    Senior Member Dos Patos's Avatar
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    I love the HRC especially in Louisiana!Good food and family oriented.My daughters pup will be running both while my new one will hopefully be chasing a white jacket.
    FC AFC Slider/Junie

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