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Thread: Cesar Millan "A Member of the Family"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitty View Post
    ...I guess I think that labrador retrievers aren't supposed to be like that.
    I've had one like that.

    Maybe it had a screw loose.
    Maybe it was preventable.
    Maybe it could have been rehabilitated.

    Maybe, maybe, maybe.

    It's easy to sit outside and point fingers.

    But, the one thing that I'm certain of, is that once you've had a dog like that, you don't want another one.
    No matter how much the experience taught you about rehabilitating a dog like that.

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    Thanks, Pete.

    Even if the owners get the dog to back down, what's gonna happen when it is around other people? That is why most people have dogs, to hang out with them. Pet dogs are always around other people. And the people are clueless. One day someone will not be paying attention, and the baby will walk by the dog holding a hotdog and bam! Dog goes ballistic. Scares the crap out of me.

    I guess I think that labrador retrievers aren't supposed to be like that

    Along with the training come maintenance and management. So if you have company over and there is a good chance food will fall to the floor with children around,,just stick the dog in a crate. Sounds easy doesn't it..but a lot of pet owners have a hard time doing that because they think the dog must be out and about. People' emotional myths about dogs end up causing a lot of heart ache. Its easier if people set them selves up so they don't have to pay attention to the dog
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    In reading these post the thought comes to mind of a comment Danny Farmer made in one of his videos about the 3 phases of dog trainers...When we are so quick to make fun of others that are not in our little circle , like Ceaser,Leerburg and others of different persuasions aren't we in danger of getting hung up in stage 2? ....The know it all group.....Pete, 2nd Tim 3:16 , not ever thing in this world is scripture but a lot sure is profitable for learning and living ,reproof,correction and wise instruction for living..... Steve S
    "Your dog learns as much by doing his work right,by your praise and encouragement, as he does by your displeasure and correction." DLWalters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devlin View Post

    are you talking about evan or billy graham? i couldn't tell if we were still on evengelists or had moved on to dog trainers?

    John, I guess it's all in how you view Evan!

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    I resisted watching his show for a long time because of the name. Assumed it was just another new age cookie trainer with an angle. Started watching a few years ago and was very impressed. He understands and reads dogs exceptionally well and his timing of corrections is almost perfect. In my opinion, the more you know about dogs, the more you can get from watching him work with dogs.
    I would suggest that those who don't "get" what he's doing don't truly understand dogs or dog behavior. In my experience, many professional retriever trainers fall into this category, unfortunately. One man's opinion.
    Matt McKenzie

    "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." Henry Ford

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    Cesar knows it's much easier to train the dog than the owner. It's amazing how ignorant some owners are about dogs & their training.

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