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Thread: Master National Retriever Club Proposed Amendment

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    Senior Member TIM DOANE's Avatar
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    Will a pass from the previous MN still count as 2 passes towards the upcoming MN?
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    Senior Member runnindawgz's Avatar
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    Crazy ... why did they ever change it from what it was to begin with??? ... what was it? 5 out of 7 in a year or 6 consecutive?? My head hurts reading this stuff...Why don’t they just go back to that?
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    Senior Member Jim Danis's Avatar
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    Split the MN into 2 event a year and this will take care of a good part of the problem.
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    Senior Member Jennifer Henion's Avatar
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    A regional and then a final. Imagine having 4 regionals - seems there would definitely be good consistent turnout for those, then all qualifiers of each regional could move on to the National Master.

    Seems it would make the MN a bit more prestigious, too.
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    Senior Member Gun_Dog2002's Avatar
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    You all keep saying regional qualifying event gonna piss bubba off. Least you can do wait to do it when I can steal his beer

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    Senior Member rotcsig443's Avatar
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    I think its a big load of crap to want to do this IMHO. The hunt test side of things was created to accommodate the average individual who did not have the time to train a FT level dog (in my understanding), and to give these same individuals a chance so show off the skill of their canine companions. I feel that the MNRC is just getting lazy. The interest in sporting dogs and hunt test retrievers is growing and they should be excited about it. Not want to restrict how many dogs that have the skills to run there bc you simply feel there are to many. If you have a MH dog, you should have an opportunity to run the Master National. Not have to hope, that as an individual who trains dogs in their free time they get from work and family, to be able to hopefully have time to run it in the future if you have a dog that SHOULD be there. To me this proposal is to pretty much strictly accommodate/affect the professional trainers who do it for a living, and not to individuals who have other jobs that dream of going to run a dog at this level. It completely almost cuts the normal guy out due to other obligations. Hope no one takes any offense of this, its just my honest opinion. And i know of several big time pro's that are disgusted at this proposal also.

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    Senior Member MooseGooser's Avatar
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    I hate to suggest this,, but MN registered clubs, when they have a hunt test on any given weekend, why not require them to declare a winner?
    Other dogs that meet the standard, would still pass the test, and recieve a ribbon, ,, but ONE dog that day, that stood out above all others would WIN..

    Then require so many of those wins, before the dog goes to the master national.

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    Senior Member Doug Main's Avatar
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    I guess they decided they want the dogs that have participated the most, not unnecessary the best.

    It will be interesting how this all plays out.

    On one hand they have AKC finally allowing clubs to limit the number of master entries.

    On the other they have the Master National requiring more participation in master to qualify.

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    Senior Member Ken Bora's Avatar
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    wasn't it the master national that had all the skuttlebutt, was it 2 years ago, about money. or the lack of?????
    or was it like the movie line "Show me the Money?"
    why would an event that is strapped for cash want less dogs?
    I know one thing, our everyday member club master hunt test numbers will rise 'cause you all will need to keep running.
    Fine for me, I have Monday off. I'll toss ducks for your 3-day master hunt tests.
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    Senior Member tracyw's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
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    Please vote NO!!!

    This is complete BS! Please believe me...this is just another way for the AKC to make more money off of an already expensive event! It should not be about eliminating the "young" dog from the event there are instances were a very qualified dog would need 12 passes to qualify if this proposal goes through...

    Lets say my field trial dog is 4 years old and extremely qualified to run the MN but I was playing the FT game. Then I decide to get her title and qualify for the MN...I have to get 12 passes (6 for the MH title plus 6 for the MN qualification) on my 4 year old qualified dog! Who was more than ready to run the event. They are trying to make this a RICH man only game!! If the young dogs can do the work, let them play!!!

    Cost breakdown to pass 6 master tests in one year (averages):

    6 passes - entry fees: $480

    Travel: $300

    hotels: $780

    food on the road: $300


    Total to qual a MN dog $1860 (this is JUST to qualify...not the event) now we need to double that the first year!

    The one "freeby" year that we are getting our Master title is being taken from us!!

    Pleas VOTE NOOOOOO!!!!
    Tracy Wight

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