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Thread: Topper ramp/ladder

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    Default Topper ramp/ladder

    Where did everyone get their ramp/ladder for their toppers? I'm adding a topper to my truck, but have a hard time finding these nice light ramps I always see folks using. Any direction is greatly appreciated.

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    I have one from Ainley that reaches the ground. Much steadier than the "L" shaped jump ladder I used to have.


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    are you talking about the folding aluminum ramps...word of caution: they work great on loading dogs into the truck, but unless you walk them down the ramp, they will launch themselves from the tailgate every darn time...they also are great at tripping you when you round the corner of the truck...did a full faceplant on one including the loss of a vente latte, hurt like a was a six dollar drink too
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    The Ainley ladder has a platform half-way that the dog jumps onto, then up into the box. Then on the way out, the dog drops to the platform, then you can help to the ground. The platform folds so the ladder can be stored flat.

    I will see if I can find a photo of it.


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