Pheasant flyers?
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Thread: Pheasant flyers?

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    Default Pheasant flyers?

    I've thrown and shot several hundred duck flyers, but relatively few pheasants. What are the tips and tricks that make a good pheasant flyer? Do you throw roosters and hens differently? I typically throw duck flyers by the wings with them pinned behind their back like a handle.

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    Wing and leg. Don't throw them as hard as you do a duck.

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    A lot of people throw them by a wing and a leg or by the feet, ether way you need to be ready to get on them. First time I shot them, I though I wait for the bird to reach the appogee and then I would shoot it. Like you shoot ducks. To my surprize their way no appogee to, the preasant was out of here.
    Good Luck
    David Wolfe
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