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    My dog is very smart and love to retrieve and train. I have bought him from another trainer and he has already achieved his JH. Since I have acquired him I have tried to continue his training. I am very much an ameture in this type of training but this is what I have taught him so far, He will sit on a whistle and stay in position as I walk away and will also here to me when I blow the whistle to come. He as learned this really quick. But Here is my problem, he know what we are doing and will not go far from me so I can blow the whistle to sit. When I do get some distance between us and I below the whistle to sit he tries to make it back to me before he sits. I will use the e-collar and will also rush at him to get him to stop. What/How should I do to get him to stop on a dime. Once he learns to be steady to the whistle I will some how start hand signals to left and right. But one thing at a time....

    He wants to please me at every chance but I do not want to comfuse him?

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    Either acquire one of the several proven training programs, and learn how to build skills sequentially toward your goals, or find a pro or successful amateur trainer near you to teach and guide you through that process. Either way, you need to learn how skills are built, formalized, and maintained. A hodge-podge approach may advance the dog to a point. But a stable, efficient field performance is not an expectable result of experimentation. The information is easy to find. PM me if you like, and I can recommend several solutions in your search. Please include your geographical location. I may know someone near you who can help.

    "Prepare your dog in such a manner that the work he is normally called upon to do under-whelms him, not overwhelms him." ~ Evan Graham

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    The Smartwork System for Retriever Training (link)

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    I'm with Evan. You need to get one of the established training programs. Lots of information on RTF about them. You need to learn how to teach.
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    I can not pm you yet. But I live in Northern Ky just minutefrom cincinnati ohio. I may be able to email you. Would I be capable of getting any of the training programs at my nearst book store.


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    I am certain you will find the answers to your problems when you order Evan's Smart Work series of DVD's or any other of the good training programs out there. Good Luck and Have Fun. Don

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    I like Mike Lardy - go to YBSmedia.com. You can get the Total Retriever Training book for $25 and it covers a lot. I use the e-collar with the sit whistle to reinforce whistle/nick/whistle will help them stop on a dime once you've already taught the sit whistle.
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