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Thread: Force to Pile Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by blind ambition View Post
    He may never be a speed demon on pile work, but it seems he knows his job, however after weeks on the same drill it might be time to move to the T & TT. If he is not showing the same lackadaisical approach to marks then perhaps as they say; "a change is as good as a rest". A slow dog on blinds is not the end of the world and you may find that once you move into the Transition Drill like Pattern Blinds he may perk up.

    You also wrote in a later reply that "no matter how much praise i use the E-collar stimulation gets him into high gear but is also startling him so the next cast he is fearfull of failure." This is what we can't see over the internet and therefore we can't know with sufficient certainty to suggest more or less force etc., but if you are getting this read (and after all it's has been you with your finger on the transmitter) then you might just be right. We look for compliance and competence from our dogs but each one is unique and possesses its own speed and style. The guidelines for corrections are; Go, Stop and Come, not necessarily speed or height of water entry, etc. If he went through Walking and Stick or fetch with alacrity and you followed ML's Collar conditioning steps perhaps you should not worry too much about his this point.
    Wow! I vote for this one as the very best response to your questions. ESPECIALLY because we can't see the dog over the internet. I have always been told that you can not "force" drive or style. You can "force" compliance, which it seems you have done pretty well. It will never hurt a thing to move on to new things that might bring the dog's attitude up. He might just surprise you when you get to patterns and wide open spaces. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Labhunter907 View Post
    I'm in Alaska
    Are you near Anchorage? Fairbanks? There are some very good retriever people in AK, including some active clubs. It sure sounds like you could benefit from some 1:1 assistance. Also, what Dex said is dead on; this dog may not ever be a speedster by any measure.

    What I asked earlier about your view of FF relates to its chief benefit; pressure conditioning. The fact that you may likely have a dog that learned more about beating the drill, so to speak, than learning to respond appropriately to pressure in a stable manner my be the #1 fly in the ointment here.

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    Well today I did some various review work with Teal FF was quick walking fetch he was jumping on the bumper very enthusiastically wagging his tail the whole time I thew a couple fun bumpers then started some walking baseball. He was driving HARD without any E-collar stim at all he did great. basically I will just go to something new for a bit, I think he was just getting bored. Thanks all for the help

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