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Thread: Bomb dogs

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    Default Bomb dogs

    If you we're able to watch 60 minutes tonight you caught a glimpse of some true heroes. They had a segment on the military bomb dogs. Those are truly some bad ass dogs. I love my labs. They bring me joy and they are affectionate. They also win
    an occasional ribbon and are great hunting partners. They always come back with the bird. But, I have never asked them to jump out of airplanes from 15,000 feet or rappel off a helicopter into the land of terrorists. Nor have I asked them to put there nose on a bomb or be lead thru a mine field. Those dogs and their trainers and handlers are the real deal. Of course at the end of the interview the reported asked the handler (who lost both his legs in a bomb blast) if he felt bad about putting a dog in harms way. He did have a good answer though.

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    Sorry I missed it, did he feel bad about putting his dog in harms way? You said he had a good answer. From the police dogs and officers I've dealt with they always do feel terrible putting their dogs out there but it part of partnership, and said they go into situation as partners, it it what what it's

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    That was awesome, whole family loved it. Reading "Sargent Rex" right now, story of a police dog and his handler. Language is poor, but if you want to see life as they know it, it is there.
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    I really enjoyed watching, but of course, wish there weren't the need for these dogs and that their lives are at such great risk every day. The trainer they interviewed really knew his stuff. There are a lot of parallels to field dogs, as far as finding that special animal. He spoke about how training involves both mental and physical pressure and it's the dog that stays focused and doesn't cave/run away from the pressure that is the one "unicorn" (his term) that has what it takes. They also need to understand that no matter what they are faced with, their job is to subdue their antagonist and not kill or maim him. The individual stories of dogs who are so, so devoted to their handlers brought tears to my eyes. These dogs are highly intelligent and loyal to the nth degree.

    Choosing puppies with the special characteristics and then honing them with very well thought out trainingbwas fascinating to watch.

    With all due respect to conformation and obedience-it's rote training. These bomb dogs require independent thinking while at the same time knowing what the parameters are. I hope it's not insulting to these trainers that there are similarities to the great all age dogs who are going to do whatever it takes to get the bird and fight the factors on the way.

    Great piece by 60 Minutes!!

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    Wish I hadn't missed it. One of my pups brothers was sold to K2 and was sent to Afghanistan after they had him for about 2months. Would love to see the dogs hunting or testing. But when I look at it, what they are doing over there is pretty cool. Makes me smile to think one of the pups I raised is there making a dif. and saving a few lives.

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    Malanois are awesome dogs but I wish would have included other breeds in the story. From what I have read there are tons of labs overseas as well. I still can't imagine what would make a person plant a bomb knowing it would harm someone.

    Here's the link
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