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Thread: HT CLUBS: What's in your Marshal's Box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by helencalif View Post
    Truka has a good list.

    Add: extra batteries for radios, a big heavy duty hammer to pound in holding blinds, a note pad for the marshalls in case they need something more to write on, a who to contact list of names and cell numbers for all who are working the trial, and a well-equipped first aid kit for humans and dogs. In addition to bandaids and Neosporin, the first aid kit contains gauze, surgical tape, and good scissors for larger wounds, eye wash, Q-tips, tweezers, and Benadryl. We check expiration dates on all medications prior to any event. Benadryl is very important to have on hand.
    The Benedryl is important. Also plenty of water for dogs and people, and as someone said earlier a dry erase board is nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novemberwitch View Post
    Ear plugs, lots and lots of ear plugs.

    x2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,When gunning I always bring a pocket full of ear plugs, and always end up with an empty pocket at the end of the day

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    Someone provided me with extra large safety pins this year. GREAT IDEA! Used them for attaching the required rotation/judges' special instructions in the front holding blind.

    Plastic covers--to slip the required posting inside for protection from weather and to prevent tearing of paper by wind.

    One Marshal put the running order on magnetic paper, cut the names apart, and used the strips on the erasable board. I wasn't there, but people were raving about it. She used the list from Entry Express and printed it onto magnetic paper. Would be nice, neat and easy to read. Probably won't be doing this, but nice idea.
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